Gr1 Titanium alloy pipe

Gr1 titanium alloy has excellent stamping performance. Various forms of welding, good welding performance, welding joints can reach 90% of the strength of the matrix metal. Easy to saw and grinding wheel cutting, good machining performance. Excellent corrosion resistance for parts under 350℃, small force and stamping into a variety of complex shapes of parts. Such as thermal power plant condenser; Piping systems, valves and pumps corroded by Marine seawater; Chemical heat exchanger, pump body, distillation tower; Seawater desalination system, platinum-plated anode; An airplane skeleton, skin, engine parts, beams, etc.

We have been one of the largest and well-known suppliers to the steel industry. HANHUANG has long been committed to the development of alloys and other special steels. Innovation platforms such as the key Laboratory of Advanced Alloys, the National Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry, the Alloy Engineering and Technology Research Center, and the Railway Rolling stock Steel Structure Engineering and Technology Research Center have been established.

Outer Diameter6-2500mm, (3/8"-100")
Length:2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 5800mm,6000mm,12000mm,etc
Certification:ISO, SGS
STM/ASMEGBJISElement Content(wt%)Mechanical Properties
N,maxC,maxH,maxFe,maxO,maxOthersStrength Of ExtensionDuctility
Pure TitaniumGr.1TA1Class10.030.080.0150.20.18
Titanium AlloyGr.5TC4Class600.050.080.0150.40.2AI:5.5-6.7589510
Gr.23TC4 ELIClass60E0.030.080.01250.250.13AI:5.5-6.582810

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When alloying elements are added to steel, iron and carbon, the basic components of steel, interact with alloying elements. The purpose of steel alloying is to improve the microstructure and properties of steel by the interaction of alloying elements with iron and carbon and the influence on the phase diagram of iron and carbon and the heat treatment of steel.

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​Hanhuang Steel is group company in the steel manufacture & Trading, founded in the 2000s, 800+ staff, 25, 000+ m2 non-dust workshop, 40+ great large mills in China


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​Hanhuang Steel is group company in the steel manufacture & Trading, founded in the 2000s, 800+ staff, 25, 000+ m2 non-dust workshop, 40+ great large mills in China

whatapp:+86 13270133639

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